Web Consulting


I’d love to help you bettering the performance at your communications, commerce or work. I like thinking along with my clients about the way to achieve objectives, and building something that is alive and has a meaning. We’ll find or develop the best tools to achieve our goals.

Use a Content Management System (CMS)

When building a website for your business or company, it’s better to use a system where you can manage everything by yourself without depending on third parties.

Depending on the client’s needs, I use to recommend open suorce software –WordPress, etc. You’ll probably want a blog on your website, to show activity, Of course, you can also put me in charge of design. I have some partners here who are great designers.

Development of web applications

When I’m programming web applications I often use CakePHP + MySQL + JavaScript. For instance, if you need a custom search function, a CMS made to fit your content, a communication tool or maybe a replacement for legacy software, please don’t hesitate on asking as I’ll reply honestly.

We could build something interesting using APIs like the one for Google Maps.

And of course I care about SEO when I work with websites and applications. But only honest SEO without an expiration date.

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