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My name is Alejandro Cremades Rocamora. I’ve been living in Fukuoka (Japan) since 2005 and I’m a freelancer since 2008. I work on web consulting and development, and also offer culture and language services.

Below are some data about my business and a CV, but if you’d like to know about what I’m doing right now feel free to jump to Web consulting or Culture and languages.

Sole proprietorship data

Alejandro Cremades Rocamora
Trade name
December 1st, 2008 (registered in Japan)
Through this contact form
Business activity
Web consulting and development, contents planning, education, learning materials, translation and interpreting


Born in Alicante (Spain), starts learning about making websites and the Japanese language in 1996 (was 16 years old). Once he gets out of college, works for 2 years in Barcelona as an external IT services consultant for Hewlett-Packard. In 2005 he moves to Japan and starts working for a company developing websites. In 2008 he quits and goes freelance as a website and application planner and developer.

Has been professionally developing websites and writing for several magazines since 1998, and through 2007 he was a speaker at a Spanish national radio station. In 2008 he publishes his first book and starts publishing language learning podcasts.

Natural born communicator with technical skills and international experience. Good image, intuition and empathy. His hobbies include handheld gaming devices, composing music on the Game Boy, reading, etc.

Professional achievements

Alecrem (Sole proprietorship)

Fukuoka, Japan, 2008-now


  • Development, documentation and maintenance of bespoke content management systems made for markets such as jobs, real estate, etc.
  • Emergency messaging systems, through e-mail and cellphones
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of web servers
  • Installation and customizing of WordPress: design, SEO y training

Culture and languages:

  • Japanese to Spanish translation of documents for JETRO through KY Trade Co., Ltd.
  • Spanish to Japanese localization of Spanish company Sensaa’s website
  • Escucha español –videopodcast for learning Spanish conversation (for Japanese speakers)
  • Escucha japonés –videopodcast for learning Japanese conversation (for Spanish speakers)
  • Collaboration with magazines and radio programmes. Main clients: Grupo Zeta, Radiotelevisión Española, Love FM (Japan).

Senior programmer, Showa Marketing Systems Co. Ltd.

Fukuoka, Japan, 2005-2008

  • Development and documentation of web applications using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Smarty, ImageMagick and the Google Maps API
  • Installation, configuration and administration of internet servers (Linux, BSD) and documentation of procedures
  • Development of video games, and composition of soundtracks
  • From his coming to the company, got many things to get better –i.e. started using SVN

IT consultant, Same Sistemes Informàtics SA

Barcelona, 2003-2005

  • Work at Hewlett-Packard’s installations, or at the client’s
  • Monitoring of large enterprises and public organizations. Development and documentation of custom addons to Hewlett-Packard products
  • Management and monitoring of servers in various flavors of UNIX, Linux and Windows
  • Migration of banking mainframe environment to UNIX, and documentation of procedures
  • Development of web applications in Java
  • The worthy experience of working in teams of about 10 people


Soñar con Japón, Madrid: Fotocompra, 2008. 100 p. ISBN 978-84-612-5517-7.
Photography book in collaboration with other 4 Spaniards living in Japan.



  • Japanese-Language Proficiency Test level 1, 2008
  • Cambridge First Certificate, 1996
  • Grau Mitjà de Valencià, 1996
  • Composing electronic music: recordings released, played live around the globe, jingles and music for documentaries, short movies and videoblogs

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