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I’m offering translation, interpreting and education services, and also making language learning contents. You can count on me for education on an international perspective, cultural interchange, orinternationalization of contents. I also have my own projects, in case you find them interesting.

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  • Soñar con Japón: photography book about Japan seen through the eyes of Spaniards living in Japan (co-author)

    Soñar con Japón

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2 thoughts on “Culture and languages”

  1. Oh, that second home w/ the pool and the views is wnfreuodl! I live in a neighborhood of modern colonial homes which is very New England. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a loft in the city or a cottage in the english countryside. As long as I had the means to deck the house out right I think I could be happy in any setting. xo

  2. Moneybag pointless is svjcebtiue.even learning latin has its uses.for example, japanese. why do you want to learn japanese? do you plan to interact with japanese people? do you plan to go to japan? do you want to learn it so you can watch anime without subtitles or play japanese video games a year a half before they release out in the west?find the reason you want to learn them. don’t learn them, and then find your reason.without reason, everything is pointless.nothing is pointless, learning languages is NOT pointless lol that’s a skill many don’t have, to be bilingual. i’m not perfect, but i have skills in 4 different languages. it’s not pointlessif you master japanese, or are really good in it yet you never watch anime or never talk to japanese, never show that you know it, never put it in your job resumes that you know japanese, then yeah it’s pointless because you never use it.

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