Summary of my podcast talk at Apple Store

Alecrem Escucha español Apple Store

The event at Apple Store last Sunday was a success thanks to all the audience and to organizer Motty! Below is a summary of my talk with some useful links.

Alecrem Escucha español Apple Store

Characteristics of the podcast format

  • A podcast is an RSS feed which includes links to audio or video files attached to every post.
  • Unlike radio or TV, podcasts aren’t broadcast live.
  • Once downloaded, a podcast episode can be watched as many times as wanted.
  • Many audio podcasts take the radio format as a reference.
  • Video podcasts are shorter because of more costly editing and watchers needing to concentrate in watching.
  • If you subscribe using iTunes or other podcast-friendly software, new episodes will be automatically downloaded.

Making your podcast

  • Escucha español is edited using iMovie.
  • I recommend a short opening sequence, or people will get bored.
  • Also try to cut boring or slow parts so you get a good tempo.
  • Pay attention when using music and sound effects so you don’t have copyright problems.
  • Use resources with permissive licenses such as Creative Commons.
  • Compress the video. For Escucha español we use MPEG Streamclip.

Distributing your podcast

  • Just by uploading the file to your server and linking it from your blog you would have a podcast.
  • You can also use one of the services that will host your podcast. For Escucha español we use
  • YouTube doesn’t work for podcasts as it won’t allow people to download videos, but it’s still worth it to upload your episode and embed it in the podcast’s blog.


  • Treat well anyone spreading the word about your podcast on their blog, Twitter or Facebook.
  • Join events, or organize one every now and then.

My favorite podcasts

  • GFF Creators Blog: Interviews and speeches directly from Fukuoka’s biggest video game developers. Very recommended if you’re interested in this area!
  • Kafelog: Three guys talking in Spanish about three sections: internet and phones, video games, and movies. Much fun and explicit language!