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Listening to Spanish for three years

I have a weekly video podcast with my friend Magí where we teach Spanish for Japanese speakers. And that very podcast just turned three years old without even taking a one-week break!

These three years, the movies have been downloaded more than 1,800,000 times, and this is without counting YouTube views. The average for a single video is over 12,000 downloads.

We appreciate a lot all the support from our subscribers and friends! Escucha español is making us very happy, and we are planning new things to make you happy too.

My lecture at WordCamp Fukuoka 2011

my classroom during the lecture

Last Saturday I did my lecture at WordCamp Fukuoka 2011 and attended as many other lectures as I could. It’s thought that about 400 people came, and the organization did something that was new to me – there were many short lectures, so many that there were two at a time despite them being short. I think today’s ease of communication (even after the event ends) makes this way of scheduling events very effective, and we gained a lot of variety.

So here are my slides. I spoke about things one should think before starting a podcast, and I showed an easy way to podcast using WordPress and Feedburner.

I guess you’ve noticed they are all in Japanese, but if you want to read about this in English please check my notes for a previous similar lecture.

Here you can find video footage for all lectures and presentations that were held at the big classroom, and here are links to the documents all the speakers are sharing. You can also read at pepinismo something more personal about the event. Thank everyone very much, and I hope we can meet at the next WordCamp!

Announcement: WordCamp Fukuoka 2011

Next February 19th WordCamp Fukuoka 2011 will be held. It’s an event about blog software WordPress, but this year it will be more focused on content than on technology.

They called to speak about how to make a podcast, and how to distribute it without pain using WordPress.

WordCamp Fukuoka 2011

Here’s a translation of an abstract to my lecture and my profile:

How to distribute a podcast with WordPress: the Escucha español way
You can distribute a podcast with WordPress using no plugins! It’s very easy thanks to WordPress and Feedburner, and I’ll teach you to do it. Once you know the way it’s your call to produce interesting content. From the idea to production and distribution, we’ll be covering the whole process.

Ale Cremades’s profile
I’m a Spaniard living in Fukuoka and spend my time making the podcast Escucha español, giving lectures about international understanding and culture, and developing web applications. I have been making websites for 15 years, and using WordPress for 5 years. I enjoy making heavy metal with Game Boy, and everything I do in life is about communication.

There will be many other interesting lectures, and if you’re interested in publishing content I think this will be an interesting event. I hope to meet many new people there!

Summary of my podcast talk at Apple Store

Alecrem Escucha español Apple Store

The event at Apple Store last Sunday was a success thanks to all the audience and to organizer Motty! Below is a summary of my talk with some useful links.

Alecrem Escucha español Apple Store

Characteristics of the podcast format

  • A podcast is an RSS feed which includes links to audio or video files attached to every post.
  • Unlike radio or TV, podcasts aren’t broadcast live.
  • Once downloaded, a podcast episode can be watched as many times as wanted.
  • Many audio podcasts take the radio format as a reference.
  • Video podcasts are shorter because of more costly editing and watchers needing to concentrate in watching.
  • If you subscribe using iTunes or other podcast-friendly software, new episodes will be automatically downloaded.

Making your podcast

  • Escucha español is edited using iMovie.
  • I recommend a short opening sequence, or people will get bored.
  • Also try to cut boring or slow parts so you get a good tempo.
  • Pay attention when using music and sound effects so you don’t have copyright problems.
  • Use resources with permissive licenses such as Creative Commons.
  • Compress the video. For Escucha español we use MPEG Streamclip.

Distributing your podcast

  • Just by uploading the file to your server and linking it from your blog you would have a podcast.
  • You can also use one of the services that will host your podcast. For Escucha español we use blip.tv
  • YouTube doesn’t work for podcasts as it won’t allow people to download videos, but it’s still worth it to upload your episode and embed it in the podcast’s blog.


  • Treat well anyone spreading the word about your podcast on their blog, Twitter or Facebook.
  • Join events, or organize one every now and then.

My favorite podcasts

  • GFF Creators Blog: Interviews and speeches directly from Fukuoka’s biggest video game developers. Very recommended if you’re interested in this area!
  • Kafelog: Three guys talking in Spanish about three sections: internet and phones, video games, and movies. Much fun and explicit language!