Talking about podcasting @ WordPress 3.0 Kaigi

Last Saturday I joined an event called WordPress 3.0 Kaigi. I met a bunch of people (there were more than 60) and it was very interesting. About the end, I explained in Japanese how to distribute a podcast easily using WordPress and no plugins. Below is my presentation.

And this is a summary of my talk:

  • An RSS feed with links to media files is already a podcast.
  • You can upload your podcast from inside WordPress itself, through FTP or even using an external service such as
  • When linking different versions of your multimedia file you’ll want to put this attribute to the one you’d like to download automatically: rel=”enclosure”.
  • Now you have a good enough podcast, but iTunes will want more than that.
  • Using Google’s Feedburner service you can optimize your podcast so that you can have it show up at the iTunes Store.
  • Just configure the SmartCast option inside Optimize.
  • Now you’re ready to submit your podcast to the iTunes Store and wait for them to review it.

I’m looking forward to your comments and questions!